Wrongful Death Attorney in Encino, CA

Wrongful Death Attorney in Encino, CA

Consult a Wrongful Death & Workplace Injury Attorney

When your family member has died in a work-related injury, don’t face the deceased’s employer alone during this difficult time. Lean on the attorney at Howser Law Offices, Inc. for legal and emotional support. Attorney Howser has tried many cases since he founded this practice. You can trust him to help you determine your next best steps.

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Work with a Passionate Wrongful Death Attorney in Encino, CA

Attorney Howser is committed to righting the wrongs done by careless employers and prejudiced doctors. He takes cases involving:

  • Chemical-related injuries
  • Work-related stress
  • Auto accidents
  • Violent falls
  • Heart attacks
  • Medical malpractice

Count on him to fight for you. Visit Howser Law Offices today to learn more about workers’ compensation law in Encino, California.