Your Life Is on the Line in the Line of Duty in Encino, CA

Your Life Is on the Line in the Line of Duty in Encino, CA

Hire a law enforcement workers’ comp attorney

As a law enforcement officer, your job entails many risks. A split second decision can change the course of your life forever. Protect your interests in the event of an on-the-job injury with help from an aggressive attorney in Encino, CA. Visit Howser Law Offices, Inc. to speak with a qualified lawyer about your workers’ compensation case today.

What kinds of injuries do law enforcement officers face?

Since the job is intrinsically dangerous, workers’ compensation cases are different for law enforcement officers than they are for civilians. Attorney Howser will fight for your rights when you’re suffering from short-term or long-term injuries, such as:

  • Bullet wounds
  • Hearing loss
  • Infectious diseases
  • Hernias
  • Heart conditions

Are you suffering from an injury related to your time in law enforcement in Encino, CA? Call 213-377-5513 to speak with Attorney Howser about your workers’ compensation case. Se habla español.